L’évaluation du savoir mathématique. Questions et méthodes

Abstract For about twenty years in France, but also in other countries, didactique des mathématiques has constituted a new paradigm for research in mathematics education. During the same period, the idea of evaluation has become indispensable at every point of the educational system. To some, often a great, extent, evaluation attempts to yield judgments about … Lire la suite

Conceptos activados en el contraste. De hipótesis estadísticas y su comprensión por estudiantes universitarios

Abstract In this paper we present a study of university students’ difficulties in understanding key concepts of hypotheses testing. Using in-deep interviews of seven students who had previously completed a questionnaire, we analyze their understanding of the following concepts : significance level, null and alternative hypotheses, parameter and statistics, and the overall logic of hypotheses … Lire la suite

Entre théories du sujet et théories. Des conditions de possibilité du didactique : quel « cognitif » ?

Abstract The first part of this paper examines the place and function of the cognitive within the theory of Didactique and the specific theories which permeate it. In the second part a detour is be made around the current socio-interactionist theories which study the functioning of subjects in context. Then the paper discusses the question … Lire la suite